Playing Tobiano With Head Professional Shannon McGeady

Tobiano boasts a great course with a website to match. Drone flyovers of each hole are enhanced by "How-To-Play" video clips from Shannon. Here she takes us through her favourite, the par-four 6th...

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So here we are at hole number six on the Spur tee deck at Tobiano and this honestly is my favourite hole.

The reason it's my favourite is because - as you can see behind me - you have to hit a really good drive to stay in that fairway and give yourself an opportunity to reach the green on your second shot.

And that second shot - for most players - it’s a longer shot in because it's a fairly long hole.

So, on your second shot, you've got a green that slopes entirely right to left with these beautiful bunkers just surrounding the front right edge of it.

And for most right handed players, now you're forced to hit a high fade with a longer club into a green and hold it to give yourself a chance at birdie.

It's a true shotmakers hole and I love it. It's my favourite... Good luck!




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