Aberdeen Glen's Inappropriate Golfer

Check out the shenanigans of "Don't Be This Guy" Murph...

We are not sure who this is exactly but his three video clips so far are pretty funny.

It's hard to list just how many rules of etiquette he breaks but we will try itemize a least a few of the crimes he is guilty of:

- Driving up while someone is teeing off
- Almost running over other golfers
- Screeching his cart's tires
- Taking over the tee box by kicking his playing partner's ball out of the way
- Moving a tee marker
- Leaving before others have tee'd off
- Driving a cart on a tee box
- Walking on someone else's putting line
- Hitting on someone on the golf course who -  to make it even worse -  is not even in your foursome
- AND... Wearing gumboots while having a bad hair decade

Video #1 - Erratic Driving (click HERE to see)

Video #2 Putting Faux Pas (click HERE to see)

Video #3 - Trying To Get A Date (click HERE to see)