Prince Rupert GC Improvements A Community Affair

From free labour to donations of vehicles, the Prince Rupert GC has amazing community support...

As we speak, a group headed by local company Trigon Terminals is putting the finishing touches on a new tee box for the 18th hole of the 57 year old golf course.

In a Facebook post, it was clear just how proud the people of Trigon were about the initiative, "... along with Aluma, B&B Construction, and Storey’s Excavating, we combined our manpower, equipment and supplies in order to redesign the signature hole on the course. Each company provided volunteer labor to execute the updates, as well as on-hand materials, but a special thank you goes to B&B rail who took a leadership role in the redesign, and helped streamline the work being done. Storey’s supplied the heavy equipment and fill material, Trigon supplied volunteers and building materials, and Aluma ­­­­­­­­­­­­­provided carpentry skill."

This is not the first time locals have gotten involved to improve the course.

Last year, PPM Civil Constructors replaced a bridge on the eighteenth hole as well and over the winter a truck was destroyed by arson. Trigon paid for its replacement as well.

The 18th green was rebuilt last Fall, and they are hoping to have everything (new tee, bridge and green) ready to be tee'd up (pun intended) by June. If early mild conditions are any indication, they might make it.

These group efforts, not coincidentally, have happened since Sean Fagan came on board as PGA of Canada Head Professional last year followed more recently by Ryan King as superintendent.

Fagan talked about the addition of King in a recent article by Thom Barker (see link below), “He’s awesome. He started on March 1st (of 2024) and he’s kind of taking the leadership role out there and got everything moving and got the course in playing condition.”

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